A Standard Carousel Ads can display up to 10 images, so if you have ≤ 10 similar products on your website, then you can simply get away with a normal carousel ad showing just your best selling products.

If you have over 20 products on your website or even only 10 but they are diverse, then Dynamic Ads is the answer!

Instead of setting up 1,000 ad sets manually, Convertedin will create a catalog with all of your products, then will automatically create up to 10,000 campaigns using personalized recommendations for each item, so whenever a shopper expresses interest in an item from your catalog, Convertedin will automatically generate an ad for that person and delivers it automatically on their mobile, tablet and desktop; saving you time, money & ensuring effective targeting!

If you have a store in mind that you would love to see integrated with Convertedin, kindly use this link to signup with

In case you have any questions, facing troubles connecting to Convertedin reach us on [email protected]

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