What is the ideal daily budget to start a campaign?

Setting a daily ads budget has many factors, it depends on the country in which you operate and the market average, however as a start we usually recommend budgeting your spend to settle between 10-20$ for each platform

  • For instance, If you run your business in the Egyptian market, we recommend a starting budget of 10$/day for each (platform/adset or whatever it’s called)that you can increase gradually as you start to see results.

When should I increase my daily budget and how much extra should I invest?

  • In order to maintain continuous positive return and a healthy ROAS, it’s always advised to increase it only by 20-30% at a time and that’s what we call “Effective Ads Scaling”.

  • If you would like to learn more about Ads Scaling, here’s an article by Shopify team to take you into depth: https://www.shopify.com/blog/scale-facebook-ads

Use campaign-level budget optimization to allocate most budget to the best-performing ad sets.

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