First things first, in order to start any dynamic ads campaign you need to make sure your website is complete, all products are uploaded and a product description is included for each item and clear picture.

1- You need to create a Snapchat Ad Account

2- You have to make sure your Snapchat pixels are setup properly and below is how you can do a quick health check on your pixels functionality.

  • Install Snapchat Pixel Helper extension on your Chrome browser.

  • Once the extension is setup navigate to your website and click the Pixel Helper icon

  • The pop-up menu will show you what pixels and events are found on each page.

  • This is how the pixels and events should look like on each page your of website.

On Home Page

On Product Page

On Basket Page

On Checkout Page

On Order Confirmation Page

  • Now after you've successfully tested your Snapchat Pixels, you can head to our Integration section for a full guide on how to integrate your store to Convertedin

P.S If you still don’t have Snapchat pixels set up yet, here’s a complete guide on how to create and set up it up:

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