How can I create pop-up forms to capture leads and grow my email list?

Pop-up forms can be a powerful tool to engage your website visitors and encourage them to join your email list. By customizing and strategically placing these forms, you can capture important contact information and nurture relationships with potential customers.

To create pop-up forms to capture leads and grow your email list, you can follow these steps:

  • To create pop-up forms navigate to the "Pop-Up Forms" tab from the left sidebar, select the "Pop-up Forms" tab, and then choose the "Create Form" tab.

  • Choose a Form Template: Select a pop-up form template that fits your requirements. There are several tools and platforms available that offer pre-designed form templates specifically for lead capture purposes. Choose a template that suits your brand and design preferences.

  • Customize the Form: Once you've selected a template, you can start customizing it to align with your brand and capture the necessary information. Here are the elements you can modify:

  • Form Name: Give your form a name that helps you identify it later.
  • Form Style: Choose the style of your pop-up form. 
  • Image: Upload an image to the form. Make sure the image is relevant and visually appealing.
  • Title: Craft a compelling title that grabs the attention of your visitors and clearly communicates the value proposition of subscribing to your email list.
  • Full Name Label: Customize the label for the full name field. You can use something like "Full Name" or "Your Name."
  • Full Name Placeholder: Add a placeholder text inside the full name field to guide users on what to enter, such as "Enter your full name here."
  • Email Label: Customize the label for the email address field, such as "Email Address."
  • Email Placeholder: Add a placeholder text inside the email address field to prompt users to enter their email, like "Enter your email address here."
  • Phone Number Label: If you want to collect phone numbers, customize the label for the phone number field.
  • Selected Country: If you have an international audience, you can add a dropdown menu to select the user's country.
  • Button Text: Modify the text on the submit button to encourage users to take action. For example, "Subscribe" or "Sign up now."
  • Background: Customize the background color or image of the pop-up form to match your website's design.
  • Text Color: Choose a text color that stands out and is easily readable within the form.
  • Pop-up Background: Customize it to complement your brand.

By customizing these elements, you can create a pop-up form that is visually appealing and consistent with your brand identity.