How can I run a retargeting campaign to reach people who have already interacted with my brand through Convertedin?

This article lets you know how to create retargetingcampaigns through Convertedin. Here you go to the steps:

1. Log into the Convertedin dashboard.

2. Go to the "Social Media Campaigns" tab in the left sidebar.

3. Select "Create Campaign".

4. Choose the platform (Facebook & Instagram, Facebook, or Instagram) where you want to create the campaign and click "Start Campaign".

5. Select the "Engage Previous Visitor" template type and click "Next".

6. Choose a campaign template from the available options.

7. On the next page,
  •  Set your campaign name
  •  Set your campaign details ( country, platform, platform page, and targeting days)
  • Set your daily budget
  • Set your campaign tagline (You can use AI to generate your tagline) 
  • Enable dynamic creative if desired 
  • Once you've finished the previous, click the "Launch" button.

Congrats! Your campaign is now successfully launched, however, it sometimes takes a few minutes to go live.

In case you have any questions or are facing trouble connecting to Convertedin reach us at