What kind of product data can I track and analyze with catalogue intelligence?

Catalog Intelligence offers a comprehensive range of product data that can be easily tracked and analyzed. With this powerful tool, you can delve into various aspects of your catalog to gain valuable insights. Here's a breakdown of the product data you can explore:

  • Product Sets: You have the ability to search for specific sets, making it convenient to analyze collections of products that are grouped together for specific purposes.
  • All Products: This feature enables you to search for individual products, allowing you to focus on specific items within your catalog.
  • Top Selling: By utilizing this feature, you can track the top-selling products in different timeframes, including this week, this month, last year, last week, and last month. This information helps you identify trends and popular items.
  • Top Revenues: Catalog Intelligence also provides insights into the top revenue-generating products, allowing you to prioritize and optimize your sales strategy.
  • Top Abandoned: This feature highlights the top products that have been abandoned by customers, giving you an opportunity to analyze and improve their performance.
  • New Items: You can keep track of new additions to your catalog, both for the current month and the previous month. This helps you stay updated on the latest offerings and evaluate their performance.
  • Individual Collections: Catalog Intelligence allows you to explore specific product collections by providing the names of collections along with their associated products. This enables you to analyze the performance of different collections within your catalog.
  • Status: You can monitor the synchronization status of your catalog, ensuring that your product data is up to date and accurate.
  • Additional Metrics: Catalog Intelligence provides valuable metrics such as the number of products, orders, and revenues. These metrics offer a holistic view of your catalog's performance and allow you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Create New Set: You have the option to create new product sets, enabling you to organize and group products based on specific criteria for easier analysis and management.

With Catalog Intelligence, you can harness the power of these diverse product data features to track and analyze sales, revenues, product sets, and more. These insights help you make informed decisions and optimize your catalog for better performance.

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